Got an upcoming trip? maybe you’ve booked one of our courses or just interested in what we do; we’ve answered some of your most asked questions below.

And if we haven’t got you covered, get in touch and we’ll endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

  • So I've just booked a trip with you - what now?

    This depends on the nature of the booking.

    Some of our guided tours require you to check availability with us. This is usually due to the nature of the guided tour. For example, where we have multiple guides across a multi day trip, or a mixed tour (say, one day walk and wade, one day power boat).

    For these, where you've booked via our website, we'll hold your selected dates until we are able to get back to you within 24 hours confirming we're good to go. From there, we'll forward you a confirmation email and invoice for you to arrange your deposit in order to secure the booking. We'll also forward you our usual indemnity form (the fine print) and ask for some information about you to help us better prepare for your upcoming trip.

    For trips available to be booked online, once you've selected the dates, filled out the details and paid your deposit, we'll forward you an email confirmation of your booking. Our indemnity form will follow with our angler questionnaire for us prepare for your trip.

    Note, due to the nature of our guided tours the majority of our bookings are made well in advance so there's plenty of time to reach out via email or our contact us page and we'll answer any specific questions for you in relation to your trip.

  • What do I need to bring?

    A learner mindset and a great attitude is an absolute must!

    For freshwater trips, gear hire is complimentary if required, though some items (e.g. Murray Cod flies) are charged separately if lost or damaged beyond reuse. For our saltwater trips, rod and reel setups can typically be hired for a fee, however, due to the nature of these trips, anglers must bring their own fly lines, flies and terminal tackle.

    In all cases, a small administration fee for breakages of gear hire applies where gear is lost or damaged. Each tour will specify what is included and what is not included, so please refer to the specific trip details for more information.

  • What happens if it's raining?

    Some of our most productive sessions are in challenging weather so unless your guides deem it unsafe your tour will proceed as scheduled - the fish don't mind! Please do not hesitate to contact us in the lead up to your trip to help prepare for the conditions.

    There's plenty of wet weather, cold and warm options gear wise to keep you comfortable on the water. We recommend Patagonia "H2No" shell jackets, waders where appropriate or any quick dry clothing. The key is to be comfortable.

  • I've just made a booking but I need to reschedule. How do I do that?

    Things change. You or a family member may be unwell, or you may now have a clash in your calendar - we get it. Please get in touch via our contact us page as soon as possible regarding your existing booking and situation and we'll get in touch.

    Due to the nature and demands of our tours, dates fill out fast so we'll guide you on what your best options are. Please also refer to our cancellation / reschedule and refund policy for more information.

  • I've just been on one of your guided tours and had some of the best fishing I've ever experienced - can I do a DIY trip with my mates?

    We respect and care for our waterways because it provides us with a living, so we try not to return to the same spots day-after-day to minimise the pressure placed on any particular area (rivers, creeks, bays, flats etc), and we ask that you do the same.

    Regarding your "spot X" tour location, this may have been through private access pre-arranged with the landowners, or it may be publicly accessible, so please ask your guide on the day what the situation is. Almost all of the private access spots has taken us years to develop and it is not acceptable to simply turn up, door knock expect to be granted permission - more often than not this actually upsets the landowners.

    For public access spots, what we ask is that if you do choose to return and happen to meet one of our guides there with a guest, provide us with plenty of room to fish through so our guests on the day can have just as good a day as you did!

  • All these juicy captures are making my mouth water.. can I take one home for a feed?

    All stream fishing is strictly catch-and-release only. Some of our tours however, it may be appropriate to take something back - whether it be back to camp along the beaches of Cape York or back to the mothership for dinner with the group. Just don't promise your mother-in-law that trophy fish for dinner!

    All our guides are particularly handy with a camera and trust us, we'll give you plenty of things for you to show-and-tell over dinner when you get home.

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