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Fly Fishing Tumut & Swampy Plain Rivers

The Snowy Valleys in NSW is home to two of the finest tail-water trout rivers in NSW, the Tumut and the Swampy Plain rivers.

The Tumut River in NSW is the pride of the Snowy Valleys. An ideal trout tailwater, it runs high, cold and crystal-clear through forest, farmland and the town of Tumut itself.

The Swampy Plain is a rambling white-water stream that resembles some of the best rivers in Montana, with broad gravel runs and high rock banks opening out onto the vista of the Snowy Mountains. Both the Tumut and the Swampy Plain are best experienced on board one of our custom drift-boats, led by our professional guide team.

For those seeking a unique challenge, also available within the Snowy Valleys are the famed Murray Cod. Here, aboard one of our power boats we utilise state-of-the-art live scope technology to target this enormous predatory fish on fly.

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